Tree Service Skip Bins

Skip Bins: The Best Option For Your Green Waste

When it comes to gardening or landscaping, skip hire gets a bad rap. Word on the street is that hiring a green waste skip bin is pricey, which is far from it.

Tree removal and lopping generate heavy duty mess. That waste, mainly branches, leaves and wood chips, can make your yard an eyesore or injure you. Skip-binning it is the best option, and below are reasons why.

Better than a green bin

Green bins are getting smaller by the year, meaning less storage for your garden waste. Worse, most councils collect green waste every two weeks, so clearing large amounts of waste will take you a long time.

Skip hire is a convenient alternative, allowing you to get rid of your waste in one go. With no waste around, you can focus on the work at hand, whether that’s spring cleaning your garden, sprucing up things with some landscaping, or making way for a pond, orangery or summerhouse.

Eco-friendlier than bonfires

Garden fires are allowed by most Australian councils, but it’s highly regulated. Getting it wrong attracts hefty fines, so stick to these guidelines.

  • You can be fined if you have bonfires too often and your neighbours complain.
  • Burning domestic waste is restricted if it will harm people’s health or pollute the air.
  • Lighting a fire is finable if the smoke reaches a road and endangers traffic.

We recommend recycling or composting your garden waste instead of burning it. Since green wastes like grass, soil and foliage only smoke, not burn, never use an accelerant to set them on fire.

Cheaper than a man-and-van service

A man with a van is a tempting option, but you will be paying twice: for labour and for the waste you want to be removed. Skip bin hire is an affordable alternative, and here’s why.

  • A skip is delivered right at your doorstep and picked up once you’re done.
  • Your waste is recycled in line with the latest environmental laws.

Save while at it

Looking to hire a skip bin for your tree removal waste? Below are ways to make savings.

  1. Choose a skip hire company with a wide range of skip bin sizes so you don’t go too small or too big.
  2. Reduce the weight of your green waste by chopping, folding and snapping any large items. This will save space, enabling you to hire a smaller bin and helping you avoid penalties for overfilling your skip.
  3. Some garden waste like grass and dead leaves can be made into compost. Bag up the waste and use it to mulch next year’s plants.
  4. Logs can be sold or used at home in fireplaces. In many parts of Australia, homeowners are required to use smokeless fuel, but many people still have wood-burning stoves or fires. For large quantities of wood, find a buyer through a yard sign or an ad on Facebook.

Hire a skip bin for your tree removal today. The best skip hire companies have affordable and convenient green waste skips for hassle-free landscaping ( Just be sure the companies have positive reviews and are able to deliver the exact skip size and removal service you’re after.