Tree Removal Gear

Equipment Used For Tree Removal Services

Tree removal can be a dangerous and destructive task. If you’re thinking about doing it yourself, make sure you have the right tools to complete the job safely and properly. Inexperienced homeowners should hire an expert arborist for large-tree removal.


Axes have been around for ages, and are one of the most trusted tools for tree removal due to their sharpness and ease-of-use. An axe has a small handle, so it’s easy to grip and manoeuvre. Double-sided axes are great for lopping trees and pickaxes can help dig out roots from the soil. Sharpen your axe with a long mill file if it’s blunt.

Crosscut Saws

A crosscut saw requires two people because it has two handles. Each person should stand firm on one side of the tree and hold the saw at a 45-degree angle before sawing. Be sure you’re well-built as this is an elbow grease task. Crosscut saws come in varying sizes and lengths. Choose a length that correlates with the tree diameter you’ll be cutting.

Arborists rarely use axes and handsaws these days. Using high-tech tools, like the ones listed below, they work quicker and more efficiently. Tree Removal Lake Macquarie can run their business much more efficiently using tools that get the job done quicker. They’ve provided us with some expert tips on what you will need, get in contact with them if you have any larger projects that require professionals.


Chainsaws run on gas or electricity and are one of the most powerful machines for tree removal. Electric chainsaws are used to prune trees and shrubbery, while gas-powered models are recommended for felling trees. Chainsaws have sharp metallic edges that rotate on a sturdy chain around a guide-bar that is attached to a sprocket. Since chainsaws are extremely dangerous, make sure you wear appropriate safety gear and read the manufacturer’s operating manual.

Hydraulic Tools

Hydraulic tools make pruning quite easy and are also used for minor tree chipping tasks. Not everyone is handy with hydraulics and only qualified arborists are up to the task.


Loppers are used for pruning services. This highly robust tool can easily cut thick twigs. With a design like that of a scissor, loppers are the largest manual garden-cutting tool.

NOTE: Tree pruning is required to improve the health of your tree, reduce the risk of hanging branches and increase the yield of quality fruits. Bear in mind that tree removal isn’t by any means a DIY option.

Stump Grinders

After cutting down the tree, you need to remove its stump, which can be difficult. Stumps stay put because tree roots run deep under the soil. A stump grinder has rotating teeth that quickly and easily remove a stump and all its roots. Self-propelled grinders grind small- to mid-sized trees. If your tree is large, hook up a tow-behind grinder to your automobile.

Earthmoving Equipment

To carry and displace the logs and branches on site, earthmoving vehicles are brought into application. We’re talking about cranes, diggers, haulers and loaders. These vehicles play a major role in the final clearing-and-cleaning tasks.

Relying on natural shedding or abscission isn’t advisable. You must take care of your trees. Find the best tree service in your area that can maintain your trees and turn your landscape into a more healthy-looking environment.